The Fat Bankers’ is a sub-group of the Krewe of Tucks and, therefore, apolitical except that we will mortally defend Mardi Gras, Funk, and Gniaule, Bière, Bourbon, et Femmes. We, like the Krewe of Tucks, delight in the FBKoT1traditions of Mardi Gras and in spreading that joy throughout the world, and, accordingly, any person may become a rider in our group, regardless of avoirdupois or banking acumen. Folly, however, is a preferred trait, and those displaying the trait may be given preference, especially in light of the dubious benefit conferred by joining our group; i.e., a right-of-first refusal to pay to use for IMG_4374four hours yearly a nine-square foot mobile condominium timeshare with no shag carpeting and fewer amenities than a Katrina trailer home. But we have bars and bathrooms and beautiful Funky Foxes in dancing cages and use those assets well to our advantage in bringing Carnival joie de vive to the City that Care Forgot.

The Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club is apolitical except that it will mortally defend Mardi Gras, Funk, and Gniaule, Bière, Bourbon, et Femmes. The organization welcomes new riders and those interested in joining the Fat Bankers’ should contact us.

To learn more about the Fat Bankers’ please see the following pages; Members may login to read updates.

Fatly Yours,

Lord High Chamberlain, The Duke of Bankrupt Casinos
Lord High Treasurer, The Duke of Big Daddy
Lord High Chancellor,
The Duke von die Spaziereg die Frankenstein
Lord High Engineer, The Duke of Disappearing