Vendredi de Banquier (Fat Bankers’ Friday)

Stately Procession of the Lords of the Abdominous Exchequer

The Stately Procession of the Lords of the Abdominous Exchequer is a Second Line, a form of parade unique and traditional to New Orleans, featuring one of New Orleans’s notable brass bands and numerous Sidewalk Steppers. 042-TUCKS%20Second%20Line%20EThe Stately Procession begins at the site of the annual Session of the House of Lords of the Abdominous Exchequer and winds its way through the French Quarter to the site of the reading of The Royal Writ of Supergroovalisticprositfunkstication.

The Stately Procession is under the command of The Lord High Admiral and The Lord High Constable, who ensure that the King’s DSC01641navy and armies are well-drilled and oiled so that they exude dignity and respect for the Sovereign. The Lord High Admiral and The Lord High Constable troop at the head of the Stately Procession, bearing the Fat Bankers’ banner, while Red Stick and the Earl Marshall follow. Red Stick troops le Baton Rouge et Piston de Toilette de Royaume, displaying The Plunger of the Realm to the adoring throngs, while the Earl Marshall conveys the Writ of Supergroovalisticprositfunkstication to la Fête de Banquiers Gras. All Fat Bankers are admonished that they should swear allegiance to Rex and his Krewe if they wish to engage in an abstemious procession.


The Earl Marshall delivers The Royal Writ of Supergroovalisticprositfunkstication at the close of the Stately Procession. 311-TUCKS%20Second%20Line%20EThe Writ performs several important functions, including the declaration of Vendredi de Banquier Gras (Fat Banker Friday and the beginning of Carnival’s final weekend310-TUCKS%20Second%20Line%20E); a proclamation that that Funk shall rule both day and night; a holding that even the Man can be Funky during Mardi Gras; the glorification of all persons then situate in the Crescent City with the Title of Funkadelic Stewards of the Irreverent and   Splanktic Funky Tucks; and the suspension of all commercial endeavors except those in consideration of Tucks’s beads and doubloons.

Le Fete de Banquiers Gras

The Fat Banker’s Friday gatherings were known as the “Fat Bankers’ Lunch” until 2004, when the name was changed to “la Fête de DSC01652Banquier Gras” to reflect the stateliness of the event. La Fête de Banquier Gras is the annual gathering of all Fat Bankers’ to celebrate the beginning of Mardi Gras and the traditions of the Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club. It is also a celebration of the friendship enjoyed by those who are Fat Bankers.

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La Fête de Banquier Gras conforms with the Doctrine of Mystic Numerology and Fat Bankers consume Pimms Cups in batches of seventeen in order to be fully prepared for the toast from le Baton Rouge et Pi306-TUCKS%20Second%20Line%20Eston de Toilette de Royaume, known as “Red Stick,” to the Krewe of Tucks. This toast traditionally includes a faux refusal from one Fat Banker to toast with the plunger, prompting the Duke of Big Daddy to exclaim “You can have it on your head or in your mouth,” which results in compliance and screams of “Cat Lover” by the assembled throngs. Lunch concludes with Devil Coffee in a Bathtub (also known as Café Brulot). The term “Devil Coffee in a Bathtub” originated among the 302-TUCKS%20Second%20Line%20EFat Bankers’ when one observed the devil figures painted onto proper Café Brulot cups, coupled with the large chaffing dish used to prepare the concoction, and concluded the Fat Banker term far more appropriate, especially given the unabstemious nature of the day’s proceedings.